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>> miss america, donald trump and anna try to escape from a submerged car. >> anna: yikes! >> tomorrow on "fox & friends." join us at 6:00 a.m. we'll be gone. have a great day. ♪ ♪ >> eric: we begin with a fox news alert. one hour, monday morns, don a north korea. monday is the 100-year anniversary of kim jong il's grandfather, the founder of of the desperate nation and it could be the day that kim jong un orders the missiles fired. secretary of state kerry meeting with the chinese and japanese leaders as they continue on sunday morning to defy the world. december fite efforts, pyongyang released a new video. it shows them attacking with us nuclear missiles. it seems, though, they thought that arkansas was colorado.
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they apparently seem to attack los angeles. new york. as well as hawaii. good morning. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> jamie: great to see you. >> eric: great to be with you. >> jamie: that is what they threatened to do. keep a close eye on that this hour. i'm jamie colby. great to have you here. secretary of state kerry, we have been reporting affirming that china and japan will work together to rid north korea of nuclear weapons. the secretary saying that the u.s. is willing to reopen the talks if the regime were to abide by previous agreements on the nuclear program. listen. >> the united states and the other countries i met with in the last two days are committed to make that goal of denuclearization reality. the u.s. japan alliance has
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never been stronger than today. the u.s. is fully committed to the defense of japan. >> jamie: folks, this is really important stuff. greg palkot is streaming live from seoul, south korea, 30-miles from the border where everything may be going on now. what is the latest? >> as you explain, secretary of state kerry in the region, high stakes diplomatic tour to deal with that north korea threat. the looming missile launch. he finished a meeting with the japanese foreign minister and he has offered a possible peaceful resolution to the crisis. he is talking about negotiations. but at the same time, he is saying that north korea has to commit to give up the nuke. something they have not been willing to do. he also says that the u.s. stands redty to defend not just itself, but all its allies in the region. and he has this stern warning
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for pyongyang. take a listen. >> the north has to understand, and i believe must by now, that the threats and the provocations are only going to isolate it further. and impoverish its people even further. >> now just in the past, a few hours we have been hearing response from north korea. and the young leader kim jong un. and they say they reject the call for dialogue. they call it a cunning ploy. they say they will never negotiate until the united states drops its confrontational stand. meanwhile, the midrange musudan missiles remain set for use. in the past few days a u.s. official has told me that he opportunity believe firing is imminent. but also, underscores that the missiles are mobile launch redty and could be set to go very quickly. finally, jamie, the possible path of a missile launch from
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north korea is over japan. secretary of state kerry leaves japan on monday. might be getting out just in time. back to you. >> very interesting. greg, we will certainly check back with you. thank you so much. eric? >> eric: north korea has a history of provocative missile launches to mark occasions. such as july 4. four years ago. and they have launched missiles right over japan. and with missile defense systems in place there, in south korea, guam and even in our country, in alaska and california, will kim jong un be persuaded to back down through the diplomatic efforts? all of this as the mull las in tehran are watching and learning. joining us now as he does every sunday, john bolton. former ambassador to the uniteunited statesunitednations. do you think we could do anything to stop a potential launch? >> at this point, the answer
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to that is no. but i think our egis class destroyers and the south korean counter parts will be watching very carefully if we get an indication that the missile is launched. we have don't have a lot of time. but if it looks like it's heading in a direction that could be dangerous toward japan, toward south korea, toward our base in guam, i think we'd be fully justified in using those egis class destroyers to shoot it down. >> meanwhile, they try to stop it. kerry has gone to beijing, seoul and today in tokyo. what about the diplomatic efforts. you have been there on the inside. can they persuade to persuade kim jong un to stop? >> absolutely not. i think secretary kerry made mistakes in the disblow massey on the trip. saying he is open to resuming the six-party talks with north korea. these have been going on for ten years. they haven't done a thing to
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retard the nuclear weapons program. it counted in the last 20 years, north korea made four solemn declarations it will give up the nuclear weapons program. four times it violated that prem, even after receiving significant economic and political assistant assistance. i'm sure they would penal for a fifth time to give up the program but it is not going to do it. the idea he mentioned to china, the secretary kerry mentioned we would reduce the missile defense capabilities in asia if north korea would take a step toward the denuclearization is terrible signal. we could not negotiate with china, or russia or anybody else to reduce the missile defense capabilities. >> eric: that was a concession. he clarified that a bit. why not? can you give an olive branch to kim jong un? >> no, he is never going to give up the north koreans nuclear weapons program. a threat in northeast asia and threat around the world.
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honestly, we don't know who is running north so, psychoanalyzing the third leader isn't going to get us very far. but i will tell you who is watching it closely as you mentioned are the ayatollahs and tehran. to the extent it look like the united states is slipping back in to the failed effort to negotiate with north korea, they are doing the equivalent of opening champagne in tehran. because it means that the path to negotiation for them giving them more pressure time to perfect their nuclear and ballistic missile program is right there in front of them. >> what is that message to iran? there have been reports that the top iranian officials have been in north korea. and involved in the missile tests and the missile production. what are they learning? >> well, i think they are saying that there is every insennive to getting toward being a full-phlegmed nuclear weapon state. the north koreans are the most heavily sancted country on earth.
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in the past seven years they detonated three nuclear devices. in december, put a payload to earth's orbit. inaccepttive for iran is speed up the nuclear weapons program. to detonate a nuclear device, because the effect is not to isolate them further, as secretary kerry says. the idea that somehow north korea worried about being isolated. welcome to the last 60 years. the effect on the population, perennially near starving population. if they worrickerried about that they would have done something about it 30 to 40 years ago. this is a disastrous effort, with respect to north korea and respect iran. the signals are all wrong. >> eric: you talk about the signals during his tour, secretary kerry said say that the "u.s. will never accept north korea as a nuclear state." ambassador, what does that mean? they are a nuclear state. we say the same thing about tehran.
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>> it doesn't mean anything. that's the problem. clip top administration said it's unacceptable for north korea to be a nuclear weapon state. the bush administration said it's unacceptable for north korea to be nuclear weapons state. obama administration says the same thing. the lesson fo is that this rhetoric means nothing. the progress toward a capability they have both been seeking for decades will simply continue. the rhetoric here is just one cliche after another from secretary kerry and it convinces our adversaries we are not serious. >> eric: just one hour now until april 15 in pyongyang, the birthday of kim jong un's grandfather. that is the occasion they would mark to fire missiles as they have in the past. what do you think will happen? >> this comes down in part, we talk about the political missile launch but they need to test the missile. they have not tested it in a
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launch from the metropolitan la yet. whether they do it on the 15th of april, to commemorate the tax day or whether they do it some other day, they will test this missile. we will not respond to it under the obama administration. whether they do it in the next 24 to 48 hours is less important than the reality they are continuing to make progress to deliver nuclear warheads on targets that we consider vulnerable. >> eric: that is the threat. in next hour we talk to mike mccall about what they could do here. ambassador, we'll be watching. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> recent developments that they clash with the guards. the violence erupting as the inmates moved from a communal
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area back to their cells. something they do all the time. the military officials say the raid was necessary due the week-long progress. they say this has completely gotten out of hand. meanwhile, president obama hopes the budget achieves the primary goal of breaking the fiscal deadlock we have been seeing in washington and he calls the proposal he sent to congress a fiscally responsible blueprint to getting america back on track. why the plan is seeing support from both sides of the aisle, house republicans are dismissing it as what they call a blank check. for more spending and more debt. joining us now is bob, happy sunday morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> jamie: this is the talk everywhere that maybe we're getting closer to both sides
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getting together on the budget. is this the most motivated you have seen the president? >> it is. this is different from previous budgets because it includes social security reform that the republicans want. the g.o.p. says the president needs to go much further. but the fact that the president is reaching out, to republicans on capital hill, something that you didn't see in the first term. met with different groups for dinner on two occasions. the republicans come out of gathering praised the president and said well, the chances of a deal are probably less than 50/50, but the fact they're talking. the fact they have to get a deal on raising the debt ceiling by this summer is an impetus i think could yield some type of an agreement over the next couple of months or so. >> you know what? bygo. you are right. can you have a raising or adjusting of the debt limit without a budget? it can't happen, right? >> well, it can happen. but there has to be agreement on the parameters of a deal. the president said he is not
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negotiating over the debt ceiling. but in a way he is. whether you have two separate deals one on cutting the budget and one raising the debt ceiling, republicans won't raids the debt ceiling without anything in return. the president knows that. the fact they're talking and that didn't happen before, and maybe partisanship is coming back. there is more bipartisan than last year. >> eric: let me add this. >> jamie: republicans may get something they don't want, the higher taxes. again. >> right. >> jamie: is that a deal-breaker? how do they come together on that? >> the republicans, they would raise some taxes. they say if you are going to use the revenue to lower other taxes. another discussion is tax reform. the republicans say that the president wants to to away with sequestration. and the republicans are not going to do away with that anytime soon. so there are many, many
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hurdles to overcome. but on medicare and taxes, we start to see some common ground. it will have to be a lot more in the coming weeks to get any type of grant bargain. >> at the same time that there is more spending in this budget. we know how everyone feels about that, i assume. it's a tough pill to swallow. when we are trying to get cuts at the same time. the president says the compromises from the promising he made in the campaign include cuts to social security. how significant is that, bob? >> it's very significant. liberals are not happy at all with that social security reform. the republicans want more. raise medicare eligibility age. the white house says listen, you can't take the reform on entitlements. there has to be tax revenue that comes along with it. that is the rub. that is the difficulty in getting a deal. republicans say the president already got his tax increases earlier this year on the fiscal cliff agreement. aa long way to go. no doubt about it.
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>> jamie: quick yes. you are there and in the beltway. what is the buzz? does this pass or change slightly or topped out altogether? >> i think the house and the senate passed their own budgets because the president has you know was a bit late with his. i don't think that a lot of the things in the president's budget are going to fly. including bret tax. the infrastructure spending here that the republicans are not going to go for. the budget, the president is more focused to try to get the debt ceiling raised and some physical agreement maybe outside of the budget talks. >> jamie: great to see you, bob. thank you very much. interesting conversation today. eric? >> some families of 9/11 victims, this morning, are outraged. angry. at a decision made by the september 11 memorial and museum. why they say what is new there taints the memory of their loveed up withs. >> jamie: also, a possible link between alcohol and cancer. the doctors will be here for their sunday housecall.
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>> eric: there is outraim this morning from some over a decision to try to charge visitors at the national september 11 memorial at ground zero in manhattan. reservation fee. $2 fee reportedly went in
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effect last month. it only affects visitors who reserve passes online or over the telephone. but family members who lost loved ones at the site, well, they call the fee, "disgusting." one saying you wouldn't charge a fee to go to a cemetery. the memorial website says it's temporary until construction comments are finished and they need to fund operations. >> jamie: marco rubio and his allies in the senate are preparing for a new plan to overhaul the immigration system and it contains a process through undocumented immigrants can obtain what will be called temporary legal status. critics claim it grants amnesty. today on "fox news sunday" senator rubio said it's not the case at all. >> theyent to get anything. they get the opportunity to apply for it. they still have to qualify for it. meaning, they have to pass a
7:21 am
background check and pay a registration fee. they have to pay a fine. they have to renew it. this is not forever. they don't qualify for any federal benefit. no food stamps or welfare, no obamacare. they have to prove they're gainfully employed. they have to support themselves or they will never become a public charge. these are things they the to keep the status. >> jamie: joining me now the ape cor of "fox news sunday" our own chris wallace. good morning. >> good morning. >> jamie: does he feel this is the way the country needs to move forward onm gration? if so, why? >> absolutely. what rubio says, make it clear, he is a member of the gap of eight. four republican senators and four democratic senators. the gang of eight. they will up vail a big complicated comprehensive immigration reform plan this week. he went on all the sunday shows to talk about it. he says the 11 million illegals in the country will
7:22 am
not get deported. they are all here. so that is a form of amnesty as it is. he says, i understand a lot of people i'm sure are willing to me and says that -- are listening to me and that is dead wrong, but rubio's feelinfeeling is that to bring m out of shadows a make them productive members of society and have them pay the fines. they got to pay taxes. no benefits. federal welfare benefits. obamacare, any of that stuff. to become a citizen will take 13 years and in most cases more than 15 to 20. >> jamie: you describe him as talking to you about it as complicated. this proposal. is it achievable? >> we'll see. >> you have eight bipartisan members, four republicans and four democrats is a positive step in that direction. but to give you a sense of how complicated it is. one thing that he emphasizes
7:23 am
and i hope they will watch it on the fox broadcast network or fox news channel he talk about the enforcement. this is a ten-year procession. what they have to achieve is 100% situational awareness so they will know everything that is going on, on the border. offenses or drones, or cameras or boots on the ground. and 90% apprehension rate in addition, 100% e-verify system. if you want a job, you have to go through a check to make sure that you are in the country legally. this is a tough system. on the other hand, there are people who will say it's amnesty. it will be months. in the senate and the house before this gets through. if it does get through. >> jamie: a quick question, chris. in the back of their minds, do they see this as a job promoter? or developer? in terms of having to monitor it? that way? >> absolutely. they think this is not a drain on the economy, what some conservatives are saying -- again, this is the rubio
7:24 am
argument -- they think it will be a net plus to treasury because the people will all be paying taxes. they don't get benefits for 15 years. there is a guest worker program. jo don't give it all away, chris. don't give it all away. we'll watch. >> it was an interesting interview. watch it, folks. trust me. >> jamie: we will. great to see you, chris. what a fascinating move on immigration front. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> don't niss interview. it's with florida senator marco rubio. it is complicated but you will find it interesting. so tune in to fox news sunday. "fox news sunday" 2:00 and 6:00 eastern on fox news channel. >> eric: you when know when you go to the doctor you fill up on antibiotics and you are
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relieved to get them and cure what ails you. new research from the cdc that says the antibiotics are doled out at an alarming rate. skyrocketing they say. the doctors will tell us what it means for you and can do. >> there are new dangers about drinking. the doctors are in with a study linking alcohol to cancer. don't miss it that. sunday housecall up next. the american dream is of a better future,
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>> eric: time for sunday housecall. joining us is dr. marc siegel. the author of "unlocking the secret code of sickness and health." >> jamie: look who he brought. from sav

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